what is your happiness?


"In order to create the life imagined, one must be bold enough to call in change, to open themselves to the unknown, to seek the unseen, to grasp what seems to be just out of reach, and to welcome transformation in all of its forms because of the desire burning within."

transform with karuna journeys

At the karuna school of happiness we offer karuna journeys which are transformative programs that help individuals re-ignite joy, excitement, and positivity in their lives. They re-introduce participants to the tools they already have within them to build healthy and enriching relationships, cope with the challenges that life throws their way, discover and feel confident in their life’s purpose or purposes, and feel at peace amid the chaos of the outside world.


The essence of karuna journeys comforts people that despite suffering, which is a natural part of the human experience, they are not broken—that whether they realize it or not, they are already whole.


Whatever stage or situation in which one finds oneself in life, karuna helps individuals embrace and unleash that wholeness.


start your journey

your life's

ACCESS your life's purpose

Identify evidence-based tools and techniques to walk the path towards your life’s purpose.


ACCESS grief and loss

Understand how grief and loss processes itself in your mind, body and spirit to help dissolve it and reignite hope, purpose and happiness.

grief and loss
inner peace

ACCESS your inner peace

Identify evidence-based tools to effectively combat stress and burnout so you can find your inner peace again.

karuna’s ultimate goal is to make the world a happier place. When one relieves the suffering of another, they in turn relieve their own suffering. We believe that all people harbor unbound compassion, and once it’s unleashed, it can change the world.


When one person relieves the suffering of another, they in turn eradicate their own internal suffering.


Peace, wellbeing, and happiness are words that have belonged to a select few for far too long, and karuna aims to change that.


karuna is not just about empowering individuals, but also communities and society at large.


By redirecting 10% of revenues and 50% of all net profits to our three-fold social impact purpose, we rewrite the canon of healing, happiness, and wellbeing.

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