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In today's always-on work culture and life-bending social media, we cannot afford to rely on the old ways of supporting our mental wellbeing. Given the epidemic of stress, burnout, sleep deprivation, and a completely upside down state of work-life balance, it is clear that the old ways are not longer working. What's needed are dependable, proven and easy-to-use tools to make that a reality.

It is time to reimagine happiness, reclaim your purpose and reset your life with evidence-based practices that allow you to rediscover the inner peace and positivity that you once had.

As a karuna ambassador, you will have access to the simplest and the most personalized wellbeing system available today - the karuna happiness system™. This transformative personal happiness system is grounded in the evidence-based science of wellbeing and ancient wisdom to help you reimagine and reclaim your story of happiness.


the transformational

karuna happiness system

"In order to create the life imagined, one must be bold enough to call in change, to open themselves to the unknown, to seek the unseen, to grasp what seems to be just out of reach, and to welcome transformation in all of its forms because of the desire burning within."

- karuna

karuna narrative practices
Purple and gold journal on an indigo background with gold details, palo santo, and candles
karuna narrative practices

karuna narrative practices comprise the most comprehensive positivity journals supported by audio meditative affirmations and reflective writing prompts based on the evidence-based science of wellbeing to help you reimagine and reclaim your story of happiness

karuna journeys

karuna journeys are highly effective, habit-forming micro-learning narrative practices that unlock daily for a four-week period. They are custom tailored to your specific needs based on the results of a short but an eye-opening life assessment 

karuna connections

karuna connections are spaces that allow you to engage one of most important determinants of happiness, positive connections, naturally and for like-minded people to support each other and flourish together

karuna’s ultimate goal is to make the world a happier place. When one relieves the suffering of another, they in turn relieve their own suffering. We believe that all people harbor unbound compassion, and once it’s unleashed, it can change the world.

it's time to take control

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reimagine your happiness and empower many others to reclaim theirs

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you have the answer
we help you find it

At karuna we believe that you already have all the answers to help you reclaim your happiness. All that you need is a simple system to help you find them. The karuna happiness system™ is designed to support you in this search.


you have the resilience
we help you build it

One of the most certain ways to beat stress, anxiety and burnout is to build your muscle of resilience. You were born with it and you can train it to become stronger with the karuna happiness system™.

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happiness is complicated
we help you make it simple

Happiness, like life, can be complicated. But it doesn't have to be. Simplicity has an elegance that can help you discover happiness in corners and crevices you least suspected. The karuna happiness system™ is that elegant simplicity.

be simply happy with

a truly personalized happiness system that is designed around your goals and needs


looking for an employee wellbeing and productivity program?

we have a completely bespoke karuna happiness system that we have specially curated for corporations and not-for-profit organizations