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step into your personal growth

with the world's largest
inner child healing collective

“ The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain is the key healing to transforming anger, sadness and fear “


~Thich Nhat Hanh

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karuna is launching the world's largest
inner child healing collective

we are curating transformational experiences and journeys to help you
stop the vicious cycles of dysfunction and negative talk
through the power of play 

we call it...

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"In order to create the life imagined, one must be bold enough to call in change, to open themselves to the unknown, to seek the unseen, to grasp what seems to be just out of reach, and to welcome transformation in all of its forms because of the desire burning within."

- karuna

experience how you can
transform stress and anxiety into pure joy and inner peace

try any of these three free sample transformational virtual journeys

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3-day journey of connection

If you're looking to jumpstart your journey to deepen relationships, then try this 3 days to stronger connections journey today.

Journey - Awareness.png


3-day journey of awareness

If you're looking to jumpstart your journey of self-discovery, then try this 3 days to fearless self-awareness journey today.

Journey - Spirituality.png


3-day journey of spirituality

If you're looking to jumpstart your journey of higher consciousness, then try this 3 days to soothe your spirit journey today.

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"I had goosebumps during that meditative session. And there's a lot on my mind that came to a full stop today."

~ Arti S, Gurgaon, India

"Thanks to this experience, I am making some decisions in my life with the help of my inner child."

~ Carolina B, San Jose, Costa Rica

"I thought this was an incredible experience...just his words and the way hespoke them was deeply powerful, moving and engaging for people."

~ Raj S, Barcelona, Spain

"“Wow! Really grateful for Arun’s presence, passion and wisdom, and the beautiful sounds from the musicians. It was a really nourishing and delightful experience."

~ Jeevan, Bucharest, Romania

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inner child healing is

By connecting with your inner child, you’ll gain invaluable insight into what your heart truly longs for. You will be able to build more positive relationships, create stronger resilience and reimagine a purpose-filled life of pure joy.

when you align with your inner child, it clears the path to recognizing and achieving your truest desires

with awe-inspiring and playful programs to connect with your inner child,  you can now experience stress and anxiety turning into pure joy and happiness

coming soon

transformational virtual and in-person journeys

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Life altering micro-practices

Designed under karuna's ACCESS framework of Awareness, Connection, Compassion, Engagement, Spirituality and Sustainability, these virtual journeys build and strengthen positive life transforming habits in as little as 15-minutes per day.



travel + transformation

Held in awe-inspiring locations around the world - from Morocco and Portugal to India and Costa Rica - these highly playful journeys combine travel and transformation unlike anything you would have ever experienced. 

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the karuna collective

The karuna collective™ is the largest gathering of world-class inner child healing experts, teachers, guides and coaches. It is where evidence-based practices grounded in science and ancient wisdom meet you where you are in your journey, and catalyze inner transformation. 

The members of the karuna collective™ will be announced very soon. Join the collective now to be the first to know about them and their transformative offerings.

"So often we look for a light outside of ourselves.
A flame, like a candle, so we may walk the world with a vision, with complete knowing of the self and the sacred. But what if that light is not outside, but within?

Ever -burning. Awaiting our awareness of it." 


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your own light
with the karuna collective

Life's too short to live someone else's dream. You are in charge of your happiness and the journey you want to take to pursue your dreams. It's time to connect with all the answers you already hold within and heal your inner child. Come, discover your own light.