For Transformative Sciences and Practice


The Karuna Center for Transformative Sciences and Practices will be a center where like-minded individuals will build a community of healing through unbound compassion. People from all walks of life will gather here for one to four-week long Karuna Journeys that will help transform suffering into inner peace and joy. As with the other Karuna Journeys, at the Karuna Center the evidence-based science of positive psychology will merge seamlessly with ancient wisdom, creating an immersive experience like no other.


The Karuna Center is designed by award-winning architect Juan Robles of Roblesarq, S.A. It will be a masterpiece of sustainable architecture merging the outdoors and indoors into a place where the mountain breeze, cooling pools, waterfalls and fresh drinking water from natural streams will lift your spirit and soothe your soul. The landscape, including a meditative inner garden, designed by award-winning landscape architect Bernard Sasserath of tpa, S.A., is inspired by the flora of the rolling hills of the beautiful town of Santa Elena overlooking sweeping views of the Pérez Zeledón valley to the west and the cloud embraced rainforest of the Chirripó to the east.