how to be simply happy

happiness is complicated
karuna happiness system™ is not


 the science behind how and why
karuna happiness system
unleashes positivity

the guiding principles


you have the answer
we help you find it

At karuna we believe that you already have all the answers to help you reclaim your happiness. All that you need is a simple system to help you find them. The karuna happiness system™ is designed to support you in this search.

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you have the resilience
we help you build it

One of the most certain ways to beat stress, anxiety and burnout is to build your muscle of resilience. You were born with it and you can train it to become stronger with the karuna happiness system™.


happiness is complicated
we help you make it simple

Happiness, like life, can be complicated. But it doesn't have to be. Simplicity has an elegance that can help you discover happiness in corners and crevices you least suspected. The karuna happiness system™ is that elegant simplicity.

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We use eight multiple intelligences, created by the renowned developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, and four learning styles to address different ways in which your team members may learn best. This differentiated focus on how people learn ensures that our narrative practices are not only highly engaging and cognitive but that they also have the best chance of producing tangible benefits.

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Narrative Practices (2)
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