Where 10% of All Sales And 50% of All Net Profits Create Social Impact

Exclusive, exhilarating, and experiential mental retreats birthed from scientific programming, transformative experiences, and impactful engagement, taking place in unique locations around the world and changing lives near and far.

We call it The Big Wave.



Expect unique locations, awe-inducing programming, 

life-transforming experiences, and impactful social engagement.

​Karuna invites individuals who are interested in making the world a happier place and being their best self to join the Big Wave, exclusive five-day immersive mental health journeys held in awe-inducing locations. 


workshops, explore the surrounding culture, and have the unique opportunity to help heal the suffering of those less fortunate while diving deep into their own bliss and discovery of self. Attendees find themselves immersed in the embodiment and integration of transformative learning through Karuna’s ACCESS360 approach. We put science into action through an evidence-based curriculum presented in a format that engages all five senses and amplifies joy.


While engaging in a one-of-a-kind experience that catalyzes radical personal transformation, individuals attending the Karuna Journeys also give back to impoverished, abused, and abandoned communities, as 10% of all sales and 50% of all net profits from these gatherings will be dedicated to Karuna's mission, which is outlined on our About page. Together, we reawaken what was once lost in the monotony of daily life, and there, at the crossroads of science, transformation, and impact, we cultivate world-changing compassion.

Join Karuna Journeys as we unleash a wave of compassion

throughout the globe in 360 degrees.



5 DAYS .


Memorable speakers, awe-inspiring settings, and multimodal programing

invigorate all creative intelligences of the psyche.

​The Big Wave is our first offering of the Karuna Journeys, taking place in five unique locations over five months. Through this global endeavor, we look to unleash a wave of compassion across the world. We call forth those seekers looking to embark on a transformative journey while simultaneously becoming their best self and changing the world.

Choose one or more of the Karuna Journeys and be transformed while making the world a happier place.

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, registration has been postponed until this unfortunate global suffering is resolved.

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The multi-faceted offerings on the Karuna Journey inspire deep, life-refining transformation not only for the individuals directly involved, but also for the underprivileged communities which they, through their involvement, give back to.


Karuna is a social cause enterprise that channels 10% of all sales and 50% of all net profits to the three-pronged social impact strategy outlined on our About page. In attending The Big Wave, individuals change their own lives while simultaneously making a positive impact on impoverished communities.


You can be part of The Big Wave as an attendee, a partner, a sponsor, a volunteer, or a facilitator. Click on Our Invitation below to join the Karuna movement.