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karuna is a social enterprise
committed to helping heal the collective inner child

“karuna” is a Sanskrit word that means the compassionate and selfless desire to remove suffering.


It is this central concept of compassion that is the heartbeat of our social enterprise. We believe that human beings have unbound potential that can be unleashed by compassion.


10% of all revenue from karuna and 100% of profits are donated to The Karuna Happiness Foundation, whose mission is to empower women, youth and children who have suffered unspeakable abuse, trafficking, abandonment and other societal ills so they may be able to break the vicious cycles of poverty and abuse. 

Watch the video to hear how karuna was born and its commitment to bring happiness to all.

the karuna story

karuna was born as a blessing received during a deep meditation in early 2016. It was a message from Arun's father, whom he had lost to suicide 28 years earlier, that the purpose of life was to heal the pain and suffering of others, especially the children and their mothers who had suffered unspeakable abuse.

vision and mission

We believe that happiness is a birthright of all, and not a privilege of a few.

our vision

Our vision is to unleash compassion throughout the world so that the collective inner child can heal.

our mission

Our mission is to empower people to reimagine and reclaim their story of happiness by healing their inner child.

our core values

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unbound compassion

A sense of shared understanding for the experiences of others, both positive and negative.

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unfettered humility


The recognition that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and that we are constantly evolving.

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unleashed gratitude


A profound appreciation for all experiences that life has to offer.

unafraid transparency


Honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, and integrity that honors truth.

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uncommon resilience


The ability to stay rooted in our beliefs while also adapting and moving forward despite circumstances.

our commitment to the
karuna collective

10% of all revenue and 100% of profits from karuna's operations are donated to The Karuna Happiness Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. This is how karuna empowers marginalized women, youth and children so they may also have a fair shot at life.


The karuna happiness foundation creates social impact in three direct manners:

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Strengthening early childhood education efforts. 

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Supporting organizations that empower children, youth and women.

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Funding research that is investigating the science behind happiness.

let us unleash a wave of compassion

and make this world a better place for all