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karuna fills a unique niche in the health and wellness industry by creating a model of impactful wellness.

karuna is the only social enterprise in the wellness industry committed to dedicating 10% of all sales and 50% of all net profits to social impact.


Our model is built from the belief that when one person relieves the suffering of another, they in turn eradicate their own internal suffering.


karuna aims to re-envision what wellness means through the healing capabilities of compassion unleashed.

By redirecting 10% of revenues and 50% of all net profits from the karuna journeys to our three-fold social impact purpose, we rewrite the canon of healing, happiness, and wellbeing.


youth and women

karuna believes that in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty and abuse, we must empower women and youth who live in disadvantaged communities and have suffered unspeakable horrors of abuse, trafficking, neglect and abandonment.

Peace, wellbeing, and happiness are words that have belonged to a certain status, race, and socio-economic class for decades. karuna aims to change this narrative and make the tools of wellbeing accessible to the masses through its unique social enterprise model.



early childhood education

The necessity for education and the subsequent lifelong benefits of proper schooling begin at the birth of a child and continue on throughout their earliest years. Studies and data from across the globe find this to be true, regardless of geography, culture, religion, economic status, and other variables.

karuna believes that compassion begins with children whose innocence must be nurtured so they can become self-reliant and self-sustainable as they chart their unique course in life.


well-being research

karuna looks to the members of its Scientific Advisory Board — a preeminent body of researchers, academics, and practitioners — who have been the torch bearers in the world of the science of happiness for decades. They are the guiding light in the design and mission of karuna to make this world a happier place.

karuna plans to create a fund for wellbeing research which will allocate grants for academic studies that will be conducted by our esteemed Scientific Advisory Board members. Understanding the coordinates of happiness is a lifelong endeavor and karuna will support this journey too.