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Karuna is the world’s largest inner child collective, offering online and in-person programs grounded in evidence-based science and ancient wisdom.

These micro-journeys and in-person experiences are delivered by a diverse team of teachers across multiple disciplines focused on unleashing compassion within and without by healing and harnessing the inner child energy.

As a dedicated social enterprise, karuna is committed to helping marginalized populations by integrating compassion and purpose into our business model. For every dollar members spend, 10% of all revenue and 100% of profits fund The Karuna Happiness Foundation which, in turn, provides annual grants to non-profit organizations committed to empowering women, youth and children to break the vicious cycles of poverty, abuse and neglect.
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Our Mission

We unleash compassion by helping
people access the joy of their inner child.
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Our Belief

When you witness the healing of another,
your journey of healing begins with it.
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Our Work

Quantifiably unleash global compassion through
inner child healing and discovery micro-journeys.

Our Core Values

Unbound Compassion

A sense of shared understanding for the experiences of others, both
positive and negative.

Unfettered Humility

The recognition that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and that we are constantly evolving.

Unleashed Gratitude

A profound appreciation for all experiences that
life has to offer.

Uncommon Resilience

The ability to stay rooted in our beliefs while also adapting and moving forward despite circumstances

Unafraid Transparency

Honesty, authenticity, vulnerability, and integrity that honors truth.
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Karuna's Story

Karuna was born in early 2016 by founder Arun Sardana. It was a message from Arun's father, whom he had lost to suicide 28 years earlier, that the purpose of life was to heal the pain and suffering of others, especially the children and their mothers who had suffered unspeakable abuse. This message sent Arun on a journey of self discovery, study, and service. In time, he learned that when we witness the healing of another, our journey of healing begins. 
The road to make this message a reality, led him to some of the world’s leading researchers in wellbeing, many of whom joined Karuna's Scientific Advisory Board. He worked for three years with about 300 abused and abandoned children in Costa Rica and learned first-hand how adverse childhood experiences can shape our behaviors and how healing the inner child can be a pathway to joy and thriving. He wrote a book on compassion called the chocolate effect, created a social enterprise called Karuna to develop personal wellbeing programs grounded in evidence-based science and ancient wisdom, established the Karuna Happiness Foundation to fund empowerment programs for women, youth, and children, and began lecturing and offering transformational musical experiences to thousands across the globe. In time, teachers, coaches, and other leaders in the field of inner child work, positive psychology and ancient wisdom were drawn to the mission of creating lasting change in the lives of people by unleashing compassion and The Karuna Collective was born. 

“Inside every human being, exists an innocent and playful energy that can be harnessed to help heal the inner child, to find joy, and to remake the world,” said Arun Sardana, Founder and CEO of Karuna, “first for the individual’s world who learns to tap into this energy, and then collectively for all of us by unleashing compassion that is part of our human DNA.”

Guided by the ground-breaking work of the Scientific Advisory Board, The Karuna Collective curates highly transformational virtual micro-journeys and in-person experiences together with experts in their respective disciplines. Today, The Karuna Collective launched with courses in positive psychology, transformational music, expressive art therapy, leadership coaching, zen meditation, and reflective writing. Karuna is cultivating dozens of new programs in other highly effective modalities in personal wellbeing and will be introducing new teachers and their course content over the coming months to the karuna members.

Meet Arun Sardana, Karuna's Founder and CEO
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Our Scientific Advisory Board

Barbara Frederickson, Ph.D

Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab (a.k.a. PEP Lab) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D

Director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Projects for over 20 years. He currently is a lecturer at the Stanford University School of Medicine as the co- founder of the Wellness Education program. 

Dacher Keltner, Ph.D

Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley and faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center (greatergood.berkeley.edu). Dacher’s research focuses on the functions of emotional experience and expression, in particular states such as compassion, awe, love, and embarrassment, as well as power, social class, and inequality.

Pennebaker, Ph.D

Regents Centennial Professor of Liberal Arts and Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. His early research dealt with physical symptoms and health which eventually merged into the discovery of expressive writing.

Elizabeth Dunn, Ph.D

Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Dunn conducts experimental research examining how time, money, and technology shape human happiness. 

Davidson, Ph.D

The William James and Vilas Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry and Founder & Director of the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research is broadly focused on the neural bases of emotion and emotional style and methods to promote human flourishing including meditation and related contemplative practices.  

Biswas-Diener, Ph.D

Widely known as the “Indiana Jones of Positive Psychology” because his research has taken him to such
far-flung places as Greenland, India, Kenya and Israel. He is a leading authority on strengths, culture, courage, and happiness and best known for his pioneering work in the application of positive psychology to coaching.

Roy Baumeiste, Ph.D

Professor of psychology at the University of Queensland, he is among the most prolific and most frequently cited psychologists in the world, with over 650 publications. His research covers self and identity, self-regulation, interpersonal rejection and the need to belong, sexuality and gender, aggression, self-esteem, meaning, consciousness, free will, and self-presentation. 

Lyubomirsky, Ph.D

Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside and author of The How of Happiness and The Myths of Happiness (published in 36 countries). Lyubomirsky and her research on the science of happiness have been the recipients of many grants and honors, including the Diener Award for Outstanding Midcareer Contributions in Personality Psychology, the Christopher J. Peterson Gold Medal, and a Positive Psychology Prize.

Meet the Kids in Charge

Arun Sardana

Founder and CEO
I loved to play cricket and hide-and-seek...I am still looking for myself.

Gita Matlock

Chief Operating Officer
I loved to play with horses! (Still do!)

Shawn Patrick

Marketing Strategist
I was Superman, and Batman, and the Flash (still am!)

Marjorie Espinal

Program Direction
I loved to dress the Barbie dolls and take pictures of them with my Polaroid camera.

Julia Hall

Customer Success
I loved to play outside and imagine backyard adventures.

Fabiola Calderon

Graphic Design
I loved to play in the monkey bars and pretend I was a princess

Eugenia Garro

Graphic Design
Loved to play with markers, papers and painting everything that was around me.

Mariane Cuadra

Community Engagement
I loved to play outside with my friends, biking and saving bugs.

Nadja Williamson

I loved to play adventure games, like I was part of the Goonies!

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