23,000 reminders to awaken & empower our inner child

The average human being over the course of one day takes about 23,000 breaths…that’s 23,000 daily reminders about how to live our life. Whether we heed them or not, and the degree to which we connect with these reminders, depends on our state of awareness.

When you inhale air, it brings you life.

When you exhale, you are given a reminder - this breath that just left you is not coming back.

Most of us are so busy with the daily tasks that consume our lives that we forget to pay attention to this fact - with every passing breath, time is moving forward. The good news is that we all have what it takes to become fully aware of the fleeting nature of time and connect with our inner child, with the innocence that has the potential to lead us to the peace and joy we are all truly seeking.

Join Arun Sardana, founder of karuna, as he takes us on a journey of science and ancient wisdom, including Zen Buddhism, to find out how to reach that state of awareness. In this open book journey episode - 23,000 Reminders To Awaken & Empower Our Inner Child - Arun walks us through 5 states of awareness. Once you understand these states more fully, this knowledge can help you to become more connected and in tune with these 23,000 daily reminders.

We all exist in different states of awareness depending upon our unique experiences and conditions of life. Gaining a deeper knowledge of these 5 states can help us to become more appreciative of the fleeting nature of our lives. It can bring out that joyful, carefree inner child in all of us that savors every moment and watches every breath we take with wonder. So please, join us for this incredible open book journey episode, and leave a comment down below to let us know how you view these 23,000 daily reminders.

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