5 unexpected benefits of sound healing

Sound healing takes on many different forms and has been used since ancient times to help people recover from illnesses and heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. From Music Therapy that takes place in clinical settings to help reduce pain levels to Nāda yoga, an ancient Indian system and science of inner transformation through sound and tone, sound healing is not going anywhere.

Want to know about some of the more unexpected benefits of sound healing? Here are five of the most unique effects that sound healing can have…

1. lowered stress levels

Sound healing can help to lower your stress levels by allowing you to find a place of peace, calm, and relaxation. Low stress levels can positively impact your health in a variety of ways, like lowering your risk for conditions like heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and depression.

2. better sleep

When stress levels are low, you’re also much more likely to experience higher-quality sleep. Sound therapy allows your mind to relax, which reduces your mind chatter and in turn eases you into a restful night’s sleep.

3. less tension

Due to its relaxing qualities, sound healing - in the case of one study, Tibetan singing bowl meditation - has been found to lead to less tension, anger, fatigue, and depressed moods.

4. increased spiritual wellbeing

Although a subjective measure, those who participated in the Tibetan singing bowl meditation study also reported higher levels of spiritual wellbeing. This can lead to a greater sense of purpose and overall higher wellbeing measures.

5. lowered pain levels

Patients experiencing painful illnesses such as fibromyalgia have also reaped the benefits of sound healing. Researchers have found that sound can help to reduce the reported pain levels of patients. This study concluded that low-frequency sound stimulation caused the patients’ time sitting and standing without pain to increase significantly!

Be sure to give sound healing a try to experience some of these benefits for yourself. Sound healing can take on many different forms, so you may want to try out a few different methods before you decide which one works best for you. Happy listening!

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