7 ways to end negative self-talk

Have you ever said to yourself…

"I'm not good enough," "I am not sexy enough," "I am not intelligent enough?"

If you have, you are not alone.

​​This is nature's way of protecting us from danger, but unfortunately, this can also become our narrative. The good news is that such negativity can be diluted and offset by evidence-based wellbeing tools and ancient wisdom.

In this episode of the open book journey join Arun Sardana, founder of karuna, as he offers you seven such ways to blunt the effects of negative self-talk so you can find more positivity and joy in your life.

To get you started, here are the first three ways…

1. look for inspiration

There are many ways to find inspiration in your life. You can read books, you can go for walks, you can do forest bathing, you can sit and meditate…just do whatever it is that inspires you.

2. reflect

This means starting a journal, or some outlet where you can write. Find a piece of paper or a journal in which you are reflecting every day on the good that you see, on all of the positive that you see, as small and insignificant as it may be.

3. practice empathy

Empathy is separate and distinct from sympathy. Empathy is stronger than sympathy, in the sense that you share the emotions and the perspectives of the person going through suffering.

Practicing empathy helps to generate amazingly good feelings inside you, and that starts to shift, ever so slightly, ever so subtly, the way you think about life. You suddenly start to find blessings and count the goodness that exists in your life.

Listen to this open book journey episode, Tagore's Poetic Wisdom - 7 Ways To End Negative Self Talk, to find out what the other 5 methods for ending negative self-talk are.

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