are you struggling to uncover your best self? here's a cheat sheet!

What happens when you lose the layers of beliefs that cover your true authenticity?

When that cloud that covers who you really are is lifted, when the veil that hides your soul yearning to achieve its purpose is peeled away, you can wade through the murky waters to your final destination - to your true purpose.

It’s time to shake that inner critic that keeps telling you, “you are not enough. You just don’t belong. You don’t fit in. You’re not good enough,” and emerge the best version of yourself.

Please, come join us for this special episode of the open book journey where, for the first time, we will be referencing a poem to derive inspiration as we go on this incredibly important aspect of all human journeys on this planet - our personal searches to uncover the ultimate versions of ourselves.

As Amanda Gorman’s poem The Hill We Climb ignited hope throughout the nation, Arun Sardana, founder of karuna, found inspiration in her words to create the best version of himself. Come with Arun as he walks you through his personal journey of reflection with this poem - the hill he must climb to find the best version of himself. As you follow along with him, we’ll discover the golden nuggets of wisdom that this poem contains to help us all on our journeys to find our true authenticity…our most confident, joyful, and fulfilled selves.

You can listen to this episode of the open book journey, Inspirations from Amanda Gorman's The Hill We Climb, by clicking play above, or by searching for us wherever you get your podcasts. We’d love to hear what inspiration you derived from this incredibly inspiring poem, so please leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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