compassion is like a language

it needs to be nurtured to fully develop

Did you know that if you aren’t raised around others who communicate through language, you, too, will never learn how to communicate via language? There are case studies of feral children who’ve been raised in the wild who never develop the capacity for language. In that same way, our compassion also needs to be nurtured and taught in order to properly develop.

On this episode of the open book journey, Arun Sardana, the founder of karuna, speaks with Dr. Richie Davidson about humanity’s ability to develop and strengthen their compassion and kindness. We are born with the capacity to exhibit compassion, but we must activate this circuitry in our brain in order to fully experience it - and this requires work and nurturing to achieve a state of altered traits.

“Compassion is like a language.”

-Dr. Richie Davidson

Dr. Davidson tells us that when he said this quote, “compassion is like a language,” he “was really referring to a specific component of each - scientists know, and there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that we all come into the world with a biological capacity for language. This capacity, however; is a capacity. In order for it to be expressed, it needs to be nurtured.”

So how do we nurture these types of positive emotions? Join us to find out and explore a whole lot more as we speak with Dr. Richie Davidson, a light for thousands who have benefited and have been transformed by his groundbreaking research in contemplative practices and methods to promote human flourishing.

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