how to improve your self-esteem at home

Updated: Jan 4

Self-esteem is a hard thing to get back once it has been lost, regardless of how you lost it in the first place — it doesn’t just come back on its own, at least not all at once. Instead, there are things you have to do to help rebuild your confidence and your self-esteem over time. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few things you can do to help boost your self-esteem at home and start being the best version of yourself.

identify where your views originated

In order to start healing, you first need to determine where your self-doubts originated. Think about some of the areas where you feel insecure or not worthy and try and figure out when you started feeling that way. For example, if you’ve felt negative toward the shape or size of your body for your entire life, it may be beneficial to think back on some of the ways your parents talked about body image in the past. If you had a parent who felt insecure about their own body, they may have pushed those insecurities onto you, telling you not to eat foods you enjoyed or to not wear certain items of clothing.

While some insecurities may have started when you were young, there are others that may originate from later in life. Once you take some time to determine what caused you to feel less confident in yourself, you can start to find solutions to help boost your self-esteem.

change the story

Going hand-in-hand with learning where your self-doubts originated, the next step is to change the story. Self-doubts and negative thoughts are learned, which means that with hard work, you can unlearn them. Instead of repeating the negative thoughts, try filling your head with more positive affirmations. Start each day thinking about all of the positive things you want to believe about yourself. If it helps, you can make a list. Once you have a few affirmations written down, repeat them to yourself throughout the day. Continuing to think good thoughts can actually help make them true over time.

worry less about the thoughts of others

Worrying less about what others think is easier said than done, but with practice, it’s possible. When you start to worry about what other people think, it can negatively affect how you feel, as well as make it impossible for you to fully be yourself. Instead, worry only about yourself and what you want. If you start to ignore the thoughts of others and only listen to what you want to do, say, or wear, you may find that you are happier.

With that in mind, the same sentiment applies to comparing yourself to others. Social media is the biggest culprit when it comes to this, as most people post their entire lives on their profiles. However, it’s important to remember that what you see on social media isn’t always reality. Many people only post the positive aspects of their lives on their profiles, making it seem like they are happier and have it all figured out.

silence your inner critic

As you begin more self-affirming practices, you may notice that those negative thoughts and feelings are still present, threatening to destroy your progress. We like to call those thoughts your inner critic. You are your harshest critic, but if you’re constantly criticizing all of your hard work, you will never reach the level of self-esteem that you desire. This is why we recommend that you practice silencing your inner critic. This can be difficult at first. If you’re having a hard time, instead of silencing the critic, consider turning those negative thoughts into positives or gently telling the critic that those views aren’t valid. It takes practice, but eventually, you will be able to silence your inner critic — forever!

list the things you appreciate

Building up your self-esteem is hard, but if you’re willing to try, an easy way to start is by listing the things you appreciate about yourself. This may seem like a small feat compared to some of the other tips listed above, but it can have a huge impact. Consider writing the things you appreciate about yourself on sticky notes and posting them around your home in places you know you will see. You can also keep a list in a notebook on your bedside table or in a purse so that you can write more things down as they come to you. If your list seems small at first, that’s okay. As you begin to feel more confident in yourself, your list will grow with your self-esteem.

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