improve your wellbeing without lifting a finger…listen to Indian ragas

Music heals. No, really. Recent research has found that it can calm anxiety, provide a pleasant distraction during medical procedures, and even ease pain levels.1

“Music helps reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure and cortisol in the body. It eases anxiety and can help improve mood."

-Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, PhD

The power that music holds to help us thrive is just being tapped into in Western medicine, but ragas have been used for thousands of years in India as an ancient holistic medical science.

Indian ragas are a sequence of carefully selected notes, or swaras, that elicit particular emotions or moods in the listener. “Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa form the backbone of an ancient system of music therapy, which is highly spiritual and enriched with everlasting energy content.”2 The ancient system of Nada Yoga utilizes the vibrations that particular sounds make in order to raise one’s consciousness - it believes that the vibrations of music can synchronize with one’s mood and overall health.

the benefits of listening to Indian ragas

Research conducted on the benefits of listening to Indian ragas has found that it improves the overall wellbeing of subjects, and one study even found that Raga Desi Todi instrumental music led to a “significant decrease in the scores on depression, state and trait anxiety, and the four components of anxiety.” 3,4

We believe in the powerful impact that Indian ragas can have on our health and overall wellbeing, which is why karuna records our meditative affirmations over Indian ragas that were chosen specifically for the mood each affirmation evokes - for example, I am compassion or I am peace.

If you’d like to listen to a karuna meditative affirmation right now, you can find I am awareness for free within the reimagine happiness™ community - a free-to-join, no-obligation community where like-minded people can find wellbeing resources and tools as well as support each other on their personal happiness journeys.

Come join us in the reimagine happiness™ community today, and ten dollars will be donated in your name to the karuna happiness foundation, a nonprofit charity that’s dedicated to empowering marginalized women, youth, and children to break the vicious cycles of poverty and abuse.

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