on humility: the lesson of the butterfly

Updated: Jan 4

Is the butterfly aware of its own grace? Does it realize that its silent dance from one flower to another spreads unspeakable beauty?

Have you heard a butterfly fly past as it gracefully flits from flower to flower? Of course not. It does its divine work in absolute silence without making any fuss or attracting any attention. A butterfly’s humility is deeply moving, as it seeks neither acclaim nor renown — it simply wants to make the world a beautiful place. In its very short life, the butterfly urgently but silently pollinates as many flowers as possible so that nature’s love can continue to express itself through beauty and fragrance. And what does it get as a reward? It gets the sweetest nectar that the most beautiful flowers have to offer.

We can learn a lot from a butterfly, not only how to live with humility and to do our work in silence without any expectation of recognition or acclaim, but also to know that our reward for spreading beauty all around us will be the divine nectar of life. This is just one of the many lessons we can learn from the butterfly, and only one of the many lessons we can learn from nature as a whole.

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