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Updated: Jan 4

Photo by Mickey O'Neil on Unsplash

I am yet to meet a single person who doesn’t love the ocean, despite the occasional fury it unleashes. We continue to love it and return soon after the storm for the mysterious peace we experience in its company. Perhaps the ocean represents the vastness of our soul and we feel a sense of freedom that extends, without any barriers, as far as our eyes can see. Maybe water is in our very nature, as we were nurtured in it for the first nine months of our life in our mother’s womb. Because of this, we find that same sense of peace in the ocean’s embrace as we felt in our mother’s warm cocoon. We may also find peace in the ocean because the sound of the waves drowns out the disturbance caused by life’s din, and it allows us to escape reality, albeit temporarily.

Maybe we consider the ocean a true friend, as it reminds us that our thoughts, just like the rising and falling waves, are nothing but superficial roller-coasters of emotions. Like the ocean, the eternal peace is always present in our depths. We may ache to be as generous and as compassionate as the ocean because it validates and accepts anything and everything without any complaint, judgment, or discrimination. Even dirt settles to its bottom and cannot touch its soul. The ocean gives itself selflessly to all without ever asking for anything in return — after all, what’s left to desire when the ocean has the entire vastness of the blue sky, the sun, the stars, the moon, and the clouds as its life partners? The ocean is complete because it stakes claim on nothing, even when it has the entire universe in its bosom. Yes, we return to the ocean time and time again because we also desire to be complete!

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