reclaim your happiness with willpower

Have you ever experienced a desire, a vice, or an attraction that was simply too hard to resist...and so you succumbed to its power?

Experiencing lapses in self-control doesn’t mean that you don't possess the willpower, dubbed as the greatest human strength, to fend off what may not be good for you.

The theory of willpower depletion was established by Dr. Roy Baumeister, a social psychologist, and it tells us that every waking moment, we are using our willpower. This can lead to it becoming depleted over time if we aren't careful.

Willpower is just like a muscle - it can become weak when overused.

The good news is that when it is consistently used, it can also be strengthened over time! The key is putting in the work to build up that muscle and increase your self-control while taking care of your mind and body to ensure you don't become burnt out.

In this open book journey episode, we’ll be speaking with Dr. Baumeister, a former professor of psychology at the University of Queensland. He is among the most prolific and most frequently cited psychologists in the world, with over 650 publications. His 42 books include the New York Times bestseller Willpower. If you’d like to explore more about this incredibly important aspect of human strength - willpower - then come join us for this eye-opening episode: Roy Baumeister - Reclaim Your Happiness With Willpower.

You can listen to it by pressing play below, or by searching for the open book journey wherever you get your podcasts.

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