three daily affirmations to improve your self-confidence

Affirmations are a tool that, when used daily, can give your self-confidence a real boost. When you’re feeling confident, your personal relationships, professional development, self-image, and overall outlook on life improve, just to mention a few benefits! Feeling confident and engaged in life is well with your while, and daily affirmations may be just what you’re missing in your self-confidence journey…so here are three affirmations to give a try!

1. I am worthy

I am worthy of love. I am worthy of life. I am worthy of my effort.

When all else falls away, I have myself to count on. I will always be there for myself, and I have my own back.

I give myself permission to take up space. I am worthy.

2. I am deserving

I deserve to feel the gentle morning breeze caress my face. I deserve to feel the sunlight warming up my face as I enter the world. I deserve to be loved by myself.

I deserve to feel the cool splash of raindrops as they roll down my cheeks and soak into my hair. I deserve to taste a nourishing and delicious meal. I deserve to live my life without stress.

I am deserving of happiness.

3. I am complete

When I look at myself, I see someone who is whole. I see someone who is beautiful. I see someone who is confident in my decision-making and my ability to thrive on my own.

When I look at myself, I see someone who is trying as hard as they can. I see someone who is capable. I am complete, just as I am.

Whether you read these affirmations aloud, recite them while you look in the mirror, sing them, dance to them, or simply read them, engaging with at least one of these affirmations every day can make a real difference in your self-confidence levels. Try making up your own affirmation, too! Just go with the flow, and don’t cast judgment on yourself.

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