three easy methods to help you make up your mind

Have you ever found yourself spending way too long at the grocery store struggling to decide which type of apple you should buy? Do you ever rely on others’ opinions instead of your own to make a decision?

Decision-making is a life skill that can be built up over time, and having strong decision-making skills can save you time, build up your confidence, and give you a sense of assuredness that would be hard to come by if you struggle to make decisions for yourself. To help you on your decision-making journey, here are three methods that can make decision-making quicker, easier, and way less stressful.

1. make a list

While everyone knows about this strategy, not everyone uses it! Next time you have a hard decision to make in front of you, make a list of the pros and cons of each choice you could make. Whichever option has the most pros and the least amount of cons is likely the decision you’re best off making.

2. exercise

Getting some distance from the decision at hand by moving your body is one of the best ways you can help your brain make the best decision for you. Exercise in whatever manner you prefer, just be sure to focus on the physical activity you’re doing, not the decision you have to make.

3. meditate

This method is similar to exercise, in that you are purposefully taking your mind off the decision and focusing on something else entirely. When you meditate, be sure to concentrate on your breathing, and let passing thoughts drift through your brain without paying them any attention. Meditation can help you to declutter your brain and refocus your thoughts, which is key when it comes to decision making.

Give these methods a try next time you find yourself facing a difficult decision...and don't forget to join us in the completely free reimagine happiness™ community to find other helpful wellbeing tips, tools, and resources!