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the most personalized happiness community ever...powered by compassion

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watch how a community of like-minded seekers can help you reimagine and reclaim your happiness


introducing the most personalized community of happiness seekers

reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

no one would do it, so we did

we built the most 
personalized happiness community ever

reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

it delivers what you tell us you need to be happy
not what we think you want

and it can be yours

for only
$29 per month

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reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

you are seen
you are heard
you are acknowledged

with these happiness resources and more...

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lifetime connections with a happiness community like no other

human connection is one of the most important determinants of mental wellbeing and that's why it is the heartbeat of karuna

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lifetime membership price lock to join the reimagine happiness community

a commitment to compassion must be met with compassion itself and this is karuna's way of unleashing it for all  karuna ambassadors

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lifetime 25% special discount everything

nothing is excluded

this is a founding karuna ambassador exclusive offer because at karuna gratitude is a core value and it should never be for a limited period

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lifetime access to mini-courses on happiness topics you need

tell us what courses on happiness you need and we will build them for you - created by highly qualified certified professionals

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20% revenue sharing for referrals who join reimagine happiness

ambassadors only opportunities to unleash a global wave of compassion to empower vulnerable children, youth and women

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exclusive first-look at all

in-person retreats and programs

special discounts and offers to transformational events in awe-inspiring locations that will continue to roll out throughout 2022 and beyond

(additional costs apply)

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lifetime access to weekly coaching classes on reflective journaling

conducted by certified journaling therapists and clinical social workers,  we will support you in your journey with  weekly coaching classes 

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10% of your annual cost contributed to karuna happiness foundation

as a karuna ambassador you will help us unleash compassion and empower marginalized women, youth and children

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exclusive volunteering opportunities with karuna happiness foundation

in 2022 karuna will be announcing exclusive ambassadors only journeys that will be held in awe-inspiring international locations

(travel costs extra)

only $29 per month
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and for a limited time receive this special offer available only to the
founding karuna ambassadors

for a period of three months
receive an exclusive first-look and use of
the most personalized happiness system ever

karuna happiness system

valued at $159 per month
at no additional cost
that's $477 of value without any obligation]

this personalized happiness system includes...

karuna happiness life assessments

it's not a survey
it's a personalized insight into your state of happiness
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happiness life assessments

Karuna happiness system is a highly personalized wellbeing platform. A short 10-minute eye opening happiness life assessment will help you understand where to begin your happiness journey.

Become a karuna ambassador to understand how to find life satisfaction.

karuna journals

it's not a journal
it's a personalized reflective journaling system

karuna journals

It's not a journal - it's a complete personalized happiness system that is packed with evidence-based tools to help you become more productive and peaceful. It is supported by one-of-a-kind audio meditative affirmations recorded over ancient healing music. Each journal complements a specific four-week ACCESS module that you choose to fit your needs and goals.

You will receive one journal each month based on the ACCESS module you choose from the karuna journey (see below for details).

watch how karuna journals will help you personalize your happiness

karuna meditative affirmations

it's not an affirmation
it's a transformative meditation like no other
I am Freedamkaruna
00:00 / 15:38

wear your earphones, close your eyes and experience freedom like never before with this 'I am freedom' karuna meditative affirmation

karuna mediative affirmations

It's not an affirmation - it's a meditation like no other that will transport you into a blissful world of transformation. We created a total of 104 meditative affirmations on 52 different emotional states - one for the morning to get your day started with positivity and another for the evening to allow you to transition into a restful night's sleep.

They were all recorded over ancient healing music and include reflective writing prompts that will take your transformative journaling to a level you have never experienced before.
karuna journeys

it's not a set of micropractices
it's a personalized happiness system of narrative practices

karuna journeys

Grounded in the evidence-based science of happiness and informed by ancient wisdom are the karuna journeys - narrative micropractices that help unleash your story of happiness through reflective writing and expressive art with the help the karuna journals.

Each journey has six ACCESS modules - awareness, connection, compassion, engagement, spirituality and sustainability. Each module is four weeks long with daily karuna micropractices and life-transforming audio meditative affirmations to help build positive habits that catalyze happiness.

You will choose any one module each month for the offer period of three months from the preview ACCESS journey to create your own happiness journey. However, you decide the order in which you would like to complete each modules based on the results of the happiness life-assessment and your personal goals. 

watch how to karuna micropractices will help you identify stories of happiness that have been buried deep inside you for far too long

when you join
reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

you build your personalized journey of happiness
with the
karuna happiness system

select any one ACCESS module each month
from our preview journey

(many more coming in 2022)

ACCESS your inner peace journey

In this karuna happiness system™, obstacles become guides, pain becomes a healer, and adversity becomes an opportunity for growth. ​

Just like strengthening a muscle, increasing inner resilience takes intentional effort. As you experience the power of this karuna happiness system™, you will not only be better positioned to weather whatever storm may come your way, but also learn from it. That is the true definition of resilience - not just enduring adversity, but overcoming and growing from it.

choose your ACCESS module

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awareness to
ACCESS your inner peace

become aware of the triggers and origins of stress and how to shift your perspective to avoid burnout

five steps to personalize your 
three-month happiness journey


take happiness life assessment

take a 10-minute happiness life assessment and review the results to decide which domains of your life need attention so you may begin your personal journey


choose modules from journeys

review all karuna journeys and decide which journeys' goals best suit your needs and then choose any three ACCESS module combinations 


receive journals for each module

your module choices will trigger an order for the journals for your personalized happiness journey so you may begin transformational reflections and more


start karuna micropractices

now it's time to decide when to begin your first module's micro-learning narrative practices that will be automatically delivered to you each day for four weeks


measure progress start next module

after completion of each module, you will automatically receive an assessment to help you measure progress before you begin the next module

when you join

reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

you are in charge and we support you


you tell us what courses you need to be happy

we will create them for you

using our proprietary ACCESS framework


karuna happiness system is anchored in our proprietary ACCESS framework which is derived from the science of happiness and time-tested ancient wisdom



is a state of mindfulness in which we connect with all of our senses. It is the cultivation of individual and collective presence through emotional intelligence. It is recognition and dissolution of emotional blocks to make way for a more fulfilled life.



is the authentic meeting of inner and outer worlds. It builds relationships and healthy communication, teaching us to respond rather than react. It allows people to set healthy boundaries and create an environment of mindful connection.



is the ability and desire to not just empathize with others and self but to be present to listen, to soothe, and to support. It encourages us to expand our hearts and act as agents of love and kindness, serving as a catalyst for self-healing and communal joy.



is participation in existing world structures and creation of new ones, losing all sense of time and ego, and being completely immersed and in a state of flow.



connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Religion is not a prerequisite for spirituality. Spirituality is an act of rejuvenation, reflection, and constant reconnection with that which is ungraspable yet palpable.



is the resilience to maintain our wellbeing and continue our journey of personal growth in daily life through passion, perseverance, dedication, action, curiosity, and care.


karuna mini-courses and weekly group coaching classes...designed specially for you based on what you need

All mini-courses and coaching lessons in transformational reflective writing will be based on a wide variety narrative practices and expressive art grounded in evidence-based science of happiness and time-tested ancient wisdom. They will be developed by certified journaling therapists, counselors and clinical social workers.

You tell us what courses and coaching your need to be happy and we will deliver it to you, period.

Because we believe that no one knows your personal definition of happiness better than you do. Therefore, you should be able to reimagine and rewrite it. You should be able to reclaim your life purpose and reset your life.

And karuna is committed to helping you do just that.

watch how karuna
mini-courses and group coaching classes can help you reimagine your happiness

only $29 per month
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when you join

reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

you can literally change your brain to be happier

here's how your happiness journey
as a karuna ambassador
will work its magic

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It's all about the brain

While we cannot eliminate stress, we can certainly make it more controlled, predictable and short in its duration. In fact, regulated stress can become a catalyst for happiness by building resilience. This is exactly the magic that you will experience with the karuna happiness system™. Over time, if practiced regularly, you have the power to literally change your brain so it can better regulated.

and here's how
karuna happiness system

will help you tap into your natural intelligences

You already have what it takes

to be happy


We use the eight multiple intelligences that we are all born with and four learning styles to address different ways in which you may learn best. This differentiated focus on how people learn ensures that our narrative practices are not only highly engaging and cognitive but that they also have the best chance of producing tangible benefits.

Narrative Practices (2).png

when you join
reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

you empower
marginalized women, youth and children

10% of all revenue from karuna's operations funds the karuna happiness foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. This is how karuna empowers marginalized women, youth and children so they may also have a fair shot at life. This gift of compassion has the power to make the world a happier place. We can't do this alone. You help make it possible.


The karuna happiness foundation creates social impact in three direct manners:

Impact1-Woman White.png

Strengthening early childhood education efforts. 

Impact2- Children White.png

Supporting organizations that empower children, youth and women.

_Impact3- Wellbeign White.png

Funding research that is investigating the science behind happiness.


when you join
reimagine happiness

powered by compassion

you can literally change your world
and the world of many others

only 1000 karuna founding ambassadors
will be accepted

join 999 others like you and become a part of the reimagine happiness community to unleash a wave of compassion

only $29 per month
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