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make a commitment to realize your dreams with the karuna happiness system

happiness comes in many forms but what's important is your definition of it and your commitment to dream it, we will help you achieve it 

become a karuna ambassador and begin your journey to

your happiness
reclaim your purpose
reset your life

empower yourself with these life-transforming tools grounded in evidence-based science of happiness and time-tested ancient wisdom

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packed with planning, productivity and positivity tools for the mind body and soul

(one journal per month for as long as you are an active karuna ambassador)

Affirmations (1)


synchronized with the karuna journals, audio meditative affirmations recorded over healing eastern Indian classical music

Evaluations (1)_edited_edited.png


scientific measure to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen karuna happiness system so may continue to stay encouraged

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exclusive offers

special discounts and offers to curated events and offerings that will continue to roll out throughout 2022

Journeys (1)_edited_edited_edited.png


choose from pre-designed karuna happiness system™ with ACCESS journeys™ or  build your own from a selection of ACCESS journeys™ are in control of your happiness

Prompts (1)_edited_edited.png


evidence-based reflective writing prompts curated by a certified Journal to the Self  journaling therapist

Team Building_edited_edited_edited.png


exclusive in-person half-day or full-day experiences where you will go through personal transformation in a community of like-minded people (additional cost)

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travel and culture

in 2022 karuna will be announcing exclusive ambassadors only journeys that will be held in awe-inspiring international locations

Communities (1)_edited_edited.png


exclusive ambassadors only access to private karuna connections  featuring engaging conversations and live events on a weekly basis

Research (1)_edited_edited.png


invaluable scientific research written in plain english to help support your personal journey of happiness

Helping Hands_edited.png


ambassadors only opportunities to unleash a global wave of compassion to empower vulnerable children, youth and women

Community Installation (2)_edited_edited


narrative art that may be installed at your facility to honor the collective wellbeing journey of your team members

(for corporate programs only)

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