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if you're feeling unhappy, you're not alone

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of Americans are clinically anxious, depressed or both
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of Americans experience physical symptoms caused by stress
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of people have reported experiencing burnout. The World Health Organization has added burnout to its list of globally recognized diseases.

let us help you ACCESS your happiness

As high as these numbers are, they are not set in stone. These statistics are not your destiny. Real change is possible, and at karuna, we help you ACCESS it. We recognize that everyone is unique, and that when it comes to happiness, one size does not fit all. karuna’s journeys are built upon the ACCESS360 framework, where ACCESS stands for awareness, connection, creativity, engagement, spirituality, and sustainability and 360 stands for our mission to spread happiness in 360 degrees.


Within these modules, each led by a highly experienced faculty or guest scholar, are hands-on learning opportunities that unlock personal transformation. Using our proprietary the karuna system™, participants can combine these modules in whatever way they wish to customize their karuna journeys according to their unique circumstances and needs. At the karuna school of happiness, you write your own story of happiness.



is a state of mindfulness in which we connect with all of our senses. It is the cultivation of individual and collective presence through awe, gratitude, and vulnerability. It is opening the ego to the great unknown in order to make way for a more fulfilled life.



is the authentic meeting of inner and outer worlds. It builds relationships and healthy communication, teaching us to respond rather than react. It is a marker of longevity and happiness and a preliminary act of abundance.



is experiential engagement with transformative mediums, be it pen, paper, canvas, movement, sound, screen, speech, imagination, and more. It encourages us to expand our comfort zone and try something new, serving as a catalyst for psychological healing and self-discovery.



is participation in existing world structures and creation of new ones, losing all sense of time and ego, and being completely immersed and in a state of flow.



connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Religion is not a prerequisite for spirituality. Spirituality is an act of rejuvenation, reflection, and constant reconnection with that which is ungraspable yet palpable.



is the resilience to maintain our wellbeing and continue our journey of personal growth in daily life through grit, dedication, action, curiosity, and care.

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the karuna system

Have you struggled with finding a way to customize transformative learning in a way that it fits you and not the other way around? Have you wished that the well-meaning teachers would provide simple mechanisms to help digest and retain the information so it becomes a habit? Have you spent hours searching for the meditation or other mind-work practices that “speak” your language?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you are not alone. Here’s why? Because everyone learns differently and even the most humble teachers sometimes believe that their way of teaching is the best way for their students to learn.

What if there was a way that would allow all learning to fit our unique “voice” so we could get the greatest benefit from it? Well, there is! It is called the karuna system™.

happiness lives here™. welcome home.


coming soon - karuna journeys

Informed by evidence-based science and taught by transformational faculty and guest scholars, our soon-to-be-released karuna journeys will radically improve mental health and wellbeing. Our programs work to shift participants’ internal dialogue from one focused on what is wrong with them to one focused on what is right with them.


Each karuna program begins with interviews with subject matter experts in which they explain the scientific evidence behind the experiences on which participants embark. These interviews help participants understand why they are taking part in a particular experience and why it will be effective, ultimately getting them excited about the process. The scientific background then leads into transformational experiences built upon the ACCESS360™ framework using our proprietary the karuna system which will allow each person to build their own unique and highly customized journey of happiness, hope, and purpose.

At the karuna school of happiness, you write your own story of happiness because happiness lives here. welcome home.

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ACCESS your life's purpose

The search for life’s meaning and purpose has existed as an existential pursuit for as long as man has walked the earth. One of the most famous life stories of such a search is the one of Gautama Buddha, who famously left the luxuries of his palace, his wife, and his young son for an ascetic life in his quest to find the source of human suffering. His ultimate life goal was to uncover this secret and provide it freely so everyone could find the deep inner peace which can reveal our true light—our life’s purpose.

This program, using our proprietary the karuna system™, is based on seven segments designed to take on this existential journey of reflection and introspection so we can find what has always been inside us—our life’s purpose. In this journey, obstacles become guides, pain becomes a healer, and wealth becomes nothing but the means to create the meaning for which our heart and our spirit have been yearning.

in this program, you will...

  • Heighten your awareness of your real self.

  • Learn life transforming strategies to recognize and understand belief imprints hiding your inner light.

  • Identify evidence-based tools and techniques to walk the path towards your life’s purpose.

  • Shift your perspectives and definitions of “success."

  • Identify fears holding you back from becoming unstuck.


ACCESS your grief and loss

Pain and suffering from loss of all kinds - relationships, jobs, money, health, death, injury, and the like - has always been with us. However, now more than ever, the world needs healing; it needs hope; it needs compassion. We need to find the resilience to come our of this crisis even as we feel increasingly vulnerable. We need to feel supported. We need to feel whole. We need to feel loved. We need to feel alive again.

The good news is that all of this is within your reach. All that’s needed is a little effort and motivation to take the first step. We invite you take this all-important step forward with karuna through our customizable ACCESS your grief and loss journey. 

The seven segments of this program, using our proprietary the karuna system™, are designed to take you on a journey of introspection so you can first connect with and come to know the depth of your grief and loss. Once you understand how it overwhelms your mind, body and spirit, you will then be able to deploy simple tools and techniques to dissolve this feeling slowly. What will emerge will be a new you with fresh perspectives, renewed vigor and resilient vitality.

in this program, you will...

  • Understand how grief and loss processes itself in your mind, body and spirit

  • Become familiar with simple yet potent tools and techniques to help dissolve sadness and melancholy

  • Regain the zest in your life so you can live with free abandon even with grief and loss still present

  • Rediscover the natural resilience that resides in all of us so you can overcome any of life's challenges

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ACCESS your inner peace

Stress and burnout are realities in today’s fast-paced world of demanding careers, social media, and endless frustrations. What gets lost in all of this din and chase for success is our authentic voice, our hopes, our aspirations, and most importantly, our inner peace.

However, with the help of transformative practices immersed in evidence-based science and ancient wisdom, you can reclaim the power to combat this common ailment that, if not addressed, can have serious physiological and psychological effects.

In this seven-segment program, using our proprietary the karuna system™, we not only introduce you to the science behind stress and burnout but also give you tangible tools derived from evidence-based science and ancient wisdom that, if used consistently, will allow you to take back the control of your life and find the inner peace for which you have been searching.

in this program, you will...

  • Understand the origins and types of stress.

  • Understand the effects of stress on physiological and psychological states.

  • Identify evidence-based techniques to effectively combat stress and burnout.

  • Identify your stress triggers.

  • Recognize and manage your blind spots and your unconscious spots consciously.

  • Preserve mutual identities in romantic relationships