Karuna exists at the crossroads of

science, psychology, and ancient wisdom


As human beings, we search for a source to fill the disconnect between who we are and whom we want to be; between the world we live in and the world we want to create. In the midst of looking for answers to life’s larger questions, we simply search for peace: a state of being beyond suffering.​

Karuna fervently believes that science can provide insights into our suffering, while also providing answers to our yearning for inner peace. Our philosophy and programming bridge ancient wisdom with the scientific research and practices of Western psychology, especially in the fields of positive psychology, wellbeing and happiness studies, and the mind/body connection.​ This can be found in our ACCESS360 model, a transformational framework for the Karuna Journeys.




"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


Over the last few decades, mounting evidence has been produced by preeminent scholars, researchers, and scientists from institutions around the globe, showing that asking the question "what's good in us" versus "what's wrong with us" can completely shift the dialogue about mental health and wellbeing. This science falls under the broad umbrella of positive psychology, but other branches of science, such as neuroscience, psychiatry, endocrinology, and even psychoneuroendocrinology (yes, there is such a thing) are deeply engaged in this important work. Additionally, these fields of modern science are merging with and even drawing inspiration from many bodies of ancient wisdom to help create a more holistic approach to wellbeing. This merging of mind, body, and spirituality is now at the forefront of the wellbeing movement taking place across the globe.


Karuna, as a leader and an active participant in this movement, leans on a prominent group of scientists, researchers, practitioners, academics, and consultants to inform our work. These highly accomplished individuals from acclaimed universities and institutions around the world comprise Karuna's Scientific Advisory Board. We are deeply grateful for their work and contributions to support Karuna in this compassion movement.