At Karuna, we believe in lifelong evolution through

inner and outer discovery, vulnerability, and joy.


In order to create the life imagined, one must be bold enough to call in change, to open themselves to the unknown, to seek the unseen, to grasp what seems to be just out of reach, and to welcome transformation in all of its forms because of the desire burning within.​

By attending the wellness and therapy retreats offered by Karuna Journeys, individuals undergo their own personal transformation while helping to heal global suffering. Individual and collective transformation take place in the embodied experience of our programming, from one-of-a-kind workshops with scientific experts to impactful engagement with the local community. ​

We invite those individuals seeking a greater sense of purpose, happiness, and peace to embark on one of the five Karuna Journeys. It’s time to reawaken to your most vital nature.



Why am I here?

The sun blazes orange on the horizon as the stars disappear beyond the trees.

The bodies now human, shaped under the moonlight, awaken to the new day.

They kneel at the ocean shoreline, hands to the sand, and 

Their lips ask the rumbling ocean: "Why? Why am I here?"


To the sound of the birds in the distance 

and the morning wind dancing its way through the jungle, 

the waves, rising and falling, answer: 

You are here to unveil a life beyond conditions and a self beyond fear

To forgo false promises and yearn for truth

To tend to the suffering of others and find your own suffering dissolve before you

To give yourself completely, allowing grace to heal your wounds

To see through the eyes of awe and open yourself to creation

To create peace unbound and compassion unleashed 

That,” the waves whispered, “is your purpose. Now, come, follow me.


Our approach: access360


A Transformative Model made from the cultivation of

Awareness, Creativity, Connection, Engagement, Spirituality, and Sustainability


The cultivation of individual and cultural awareness through awe, gratitude, and vulnerability. Opening the ego to the great unknown in order to make way for a more fulfilled life. Awareness as a practice and state of being.



The experiential engagement with transformative mediums of creative practice through pen, paper, canvas, movement, imagination, and more. Creativity as a catalyst for psychological healing, peak experiences, self-discovery, and self-realization.



The authentic meeting of inner and/or outer worlds. Fostering connection with the self, humanity, and the natural world as a primary act of existence and wellbeing. A marker for longevity and happiness. A preliminary act of abundance.



The radical participation of self to expand preconceived notions of existing world structures. Offering oneself to exploration through presence and communion. Engagement in both internal and external community.



The recalibration of devotion unbridled from religion. An act of rejuvenation, reflection, and constant reconnection with that which is ungraspable yet palpable. Notions of faith, meaning, making, and forgiveness.


​The garnering of resilience in order to sustain wellbeing and to continue personal growth in daily life. Utilizing methods of integration and lifelong practice. The importance of grit and dedication, feeling and action, curiosity, and care.